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Next Generation Emergency Response System

Unified Emergency Management System (Fusion+) our flagship product that brings disparate platforms into a single ecosystem...

In times of emergency, RescAlert is the bridge that allows limitless organizations to join forces and respond with unified efficiency. Our flagship integrated platform (Fusion+) ensures rapid disaster response through real-time resource management optimization by bringing together federal agencies, state institutions, emergency responders, and local volunteers - not to mention neighboring communities and their support networks.

The Unified Emergency Management System (Fusion+) is a database integration tool for the synchronization of data from various sources, enabling real-time access to emergency information. Fusion+ enhances situational awareness, facilitates efficient resource management, improves coordination among agencies, enables timely decision-making, and supports post-incident analysis and reporting.

RescAlert products offer revolutionary solutions to an organization's needs - and best of all, EOCs don't have to dip into their operating budget! We have a solution to pay for it.


What makes us different from others!

Our platform doesn't replace your existing system, it makes it better! Each organization continues to use their day-to-day platforms they know and trust. When it's time for organizations to respond an emergency, RescAlert's Fusion+ connects them together in real-time.

Secure API

Secure API

Our Open API allows for essentially unlimited integrations.
Unlimited Resources

Unlimited Resources

Fusion+ is designed to integrate with any database and perform two-way synchronization.
Seamless Integration

Seamless Integration

Integrates with each organizations existing day-to-day system.

Direct Communication

Direct Communication

Send alerts and messages to the people in your area and those just passing through.


Overwatch Public User App (PUMA) Stay Connected to Emergency Officials

We are excited to announce the upcoming release of our latest product. The Overwatch Pubic User App (PUMA) allows emergency officials to communicate directly to the public, while keeping the end-user informed about alerts from national organizations, such as the National Weather Service (NWS). Overwatch holds tremendous value as it empowers users to access real-time information regarding emergencies transpiring in their vicinity. Users can make informed decisions based on real-time data and connecting with their family members to ensure their safety. Additionally, Overwatch provides vital information to first responders, enabling them to offer timely assistance and support. This product heralds RescAlert's commitment to equipping individuals with a powerful tool that enhances situational awareness and fosters a safer community.

Meet our experts

Our team of dedicated experts are what makes RescAlert possible. Our products are based on countess hours of research and feedback from emergency officials around the globe.
Jakob Carmichael
Jakob CarmichaelCEO & Founder
Wesley Cassaday
Wesley CassadaySr. Software Engineer
Michael Marquez
Michael MarquezSr. Systems Engineer
Joey Estrada
Joey EstradaJr. Developer
Camila Suarez
Camila SuarezSr. UX/UI Designer
Now Hiring
Now HiringSoftware Engineer
Now Hiring
Now HiringIT Director
Now Hiring
Now HiringCFO

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